What do you do when your household is overrun with devices that need USB charging and you don’t want to deal with a rat’s nest of adapters spewing out of every wall outlet? A much more elegant solution is the new Energen 5-port USB charger with support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. Because faster charging with multiple ports is just smarter.

Whether you’re solely responsible for all those smartphones and tablets or you share the burden with your loved ones, we all need a place to plug in our USB gadgets. The Energen QC 3.0 is a vertical dock sporting five USB ports for a total of 66 watts of power. The top port supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 tech for up to 5V/2.5A of max output, four times faster than a conventional USB charger.

The remaining four ports sport built-in smart charging technology with steady 2.4A USB output. That’s plenty for pretty well every smartphone and tablet on the market today. Safety is of utmost importance and that’s why Energen only uses premium components and smart circuit protections.

Available in your choice of pink or blue, the Energen 5-port USB desktop charging station with QC 3.0 retails for $24.99 and is shipping now.

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Energen Releases the Energen QC 3.0 5-Ports 66W 12.1A USB Charger

Los Angeles, California- Energen today announced the release of the Energen QC 3.0 5-Port 66W 12.1A USB Charger. Charging multiple USB powered devices has been a hassle for many people since it usually requires multiple power outlets and USB wall plugs. With this new product charging devices is quicker or easier thanks to its 5 USB ports!

The Energen 5-Ports USB Charger is able to pump out up to a total of 66 Watts of power (13.1 Watts per USB port), enabling it to quick charge up to 5 devices at the same time. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology is the most advanced charging technology in the world, which allows compatible devices to charge up to 80% of its battery in just 35 minutes. This is up to 4 times faster than a conventional USB charger! Now you can spend less time charging your devices and more time using them.

Energen’s built in Smart Charging Technology (SmartCT) automatically communicates with and identifies the connected devices to ensure maximum charging efficiency. It will automatically adapt to the iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Tab, and all other iOS and Android devices.

The Energen 5-Ports USB charger is equipped with special protection mechanisms to ensure safety and peace of mind. It has overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, surge prevention, surge protection, short circuit prevention, and other advanced safety features to keep you and your devices safe.

The ergonomic curved edge design combined with a colorful highlight gives the Energen 5-Ports USB Charger a sleek and stylish look. Its compact size is well suited for desktops, tabletops, or countertops where it can keep your devices charged. Comes in blue and pink.

Product Webpage: http://myenergen.com/sgproduct/5-ports-usb-charging-station-en-uc500/

Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2cn2u5S

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