Sixteen years ago SanDisk introduced their first 64 megabyte SD card. Two years ago they debuted the (then) world’s biggest SD card at 512GB. And now they’ve developed a prototype 1TB SD card, again the largest in the world. It’s just a prototype right now, so there’s no information on when it will come to market, but we can start drooling over the possibilities.

Everything is getting bigger, and in this case it’s the rise of 4K and 8K video and VR content that motivated SanDisk to make a disk that supports all of this larger content. The only place to go is up, however, so I’m sure SanDisk would have headed this direction regardless.

A 1TB card is going to have its drawbacks, namely in price and transfer speed. It’s also going to be really stressful having that much data on something that could get destroyed or lost so easily, but such is the price we pay for convenience! Keep your eyes peeled for a release window, as even a speculative one can’t be that far off.

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