Laptops are called that for a reason, and I have always been one to use mine on my lap. My favourite way to use mine (and where I am now as well as for 95% of the posts I make here) is in my recliner, feet up, blanket over my lap, with my laptop on its cooling pad on my lap and my mouse on the arm of my chair.

There are two problems with that, however. First, the receiver for my wireless mouse is the size of a flash drive, which means when I adjust my position or use my mouse I often whack it, and I live in fear it’ll break off in my USB port. Second is I have to make sure my blanket doesn’t cover the arm of my chair. I’m lucky in that my chair is leather so my mouse will work on its surface, but the blanket is a no-go.

So…what to do? Logitech has the answer, and it’s so darn brilliant I cannot fathom how come no one has thought of it until now. They call it the Couch Mouse, and it is specifically designed for people like me who prefer lounging to sitting at a desk while they work. The main difference between it and the Logitech mouse I’m using is it comes with a sealed bottom to keep fuzz out of the sensor. The base is also easy-glide, specifically to be used on uneven, curved, fuzzy surfaces like couches, blankets, bedspreads…you name it.

The second feature I love is its tiny little receiver. You could even leave it plugged in while you travel your laptop around and be fine. If you’re familiar with the size of a US or Canadian nickel, that’s about how big the receiver is. The receiver uses Logitech’s Unifying Technology, which will allow you to connect up to six Unifying-compatible devices with just the one tiny little receiver. The mouse does have an on/off switch, but it is hand-activated (meaning it only turns on when you grip it), so you really never even need to turn it off. It requires two AA batteries (included), but supposedly it can last up to two years without needing to replace them.

There is pretty much nothing I don’t like about this. Including the price! It’s just $14.99 US! That’s ten bucks less than I spent on the one I’m using now, and it’s not nearly as well-suited to my life! As soon as I finish this piece, I’m placing my order.

Source: Red Ferret

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