It has been a lot time and I know this is not my normal area here at MegaTechNews, but some things are just too awesome. This will be another session of sites or software you should know about.

The site is It is a self promotion site that allows you to ask the public to donate their pocket change to help fund your idea. It can be anything from needing to eat while you write your book to serious cash to replace NASA.

While the site itself is really cool, the best part are the awesome projects in their database. What caught my geek attention is a project by Scientist Dr. Bevin to create the Powered Laces from “Back to the Future.” While this project has reached its most recent funding goal, it was the thing to bring me into this really cool site. If you think this is some kinda gimmick or joke, check out the video from the site.

By the way, I am not sure if Blake Bevin is an actual scientist or has a doctorate. All I do know she is one sexy geek with a plan I hope pans out for her.

Source: Kickstarter

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