To make use of an oft-quoted phrase: numbers don’t lie, and the numbers show that T-Mobile is absolutely destroying its wireless competition in terms of revenue and growth. In Q2 of this year, their wireless service revenue grew 11.1%. In second place was AT&T, who <i>almost</i> broke even.

How did T-Mobile emerge as a force to be reckoned? It’s all about marketing. They market their service well, and they introduce appealing, affective initiatives, then they market those well, too. Early smartphone upgrades, rollover data, and programs to help customers pay off early termination fees are among some of the things that T-Mobile has to offer, and as a testament to how well they’re working, just look at all the other wireless companies trying to steal those ideas.

Of course, all of that said, Verizon and AT&T remain the dominating forces in the wireless industry, with subscriber counts that will take T-Mobile quite a while to match.

They’re coming, though. By God, they’re coming.

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