Kickstarter is all the rage these days. The crowdsourcing service has seen all manner of projects, from the uninspired and the desperate to the ingenious and the amazing. You can probably put this in the latter categories: Stompy, the ten-foot tall, two-ton rideable hexabot. The group is called Project Hexapod and it’s based out of Somerville, MA. The group is looking to raise $65,000, which seems about right for a 4,000 lbs robot.

For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, you can pledge different amounts for different rewards that are set by those behind the project. The first five or so reward levels are pretty standard. You can get a T-shirt, a wristband, and a signed photo of the Project Hexapod team. Then it starts to get good, because you can have letters of your choice welded onto Stompy, have Stompy crush certain objects, or even ride and pilot the robot. You can pilot a six-legged, two-ton robot. All other kickstarters seem lame now.

via Engadget

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