I feel like there might be a joke here about social networking and web 2.0 going too far, but I think this story itself might be the joke. Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest handed out over 55K QR condoms at colleges and universities in Washington State. The codes, located on the package (thankfully), can be scanned and used to check-in at wheredidyouwearit.com.

Users can also rate their encounter with various pre-written messages, all prefaced with “The Safe Sex Was…”, because this is, after all, about promoting safe sex.

I thought people were giving up a little too much of their privacy when they were just checking in at restaurants and grocery stores, but I also realize that I can be a tad paranoid. Now, if people are voluntarily checking in when and where they’re getting lucky, maybe I’m just really out of touch with the world.

via Slash Gear

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