Something that I've really been trying to do more of these last couple of years is read. I think reading is one of the best things you can do for yourself, far more than playing video games or watching movies (as much as I adore Netflix). And while there is a definite appeal to the dead tree edition, it doesn't get any more convenient than with an excellent e-reader and the temporarily discounted Kindle Paperwhite is just about the best around.

Now, let's be perfectly clear. The new Kindle Oasis is a vastly superior product in just about every way with its sleek design and excellent page turn buttons. It's also almost four times the price when you factor in the "limited-time offer" that Amazon has put forth for the Kindle Paperwhite.

You'll notice that for Canadians, the Kindle Paperwhite is currently on sale on Amazon for just $99.99, representing a $40 savings (29%) off the regular list price of $139.99 Canadian. That gets you the WiFi-only model with the 300 ppi backlit display and a battery that lasts for weeks at a time.

I mean, you could choose to save another $20 and grab the cheaper base model for $79.99, but not only do you end up with a lower-resolution display, you also lose the backlight. The built-in light is critical for late night reading sessions! I speak from experience.

Now is just about the best time to get your Kindle Paperwhite. Pick one up for under $100 while you can, because Amazon is promoting this as a "Valentine's Day Deal," so it'll probably disappear in a week. And this is a much better Valentine's Day gift idea than chocolates and roses anyhow.

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