Here’s something interesting and fairly appealing. I’ve never had any interest in Windows Phone, simply because I’m so completely content with Android, but I can’t deny that Microsoft’s mobile OS is aesthetically pleasing. Apparently, Nokia agrees, because leaked pictures of their upcoming Android phone show a very familiar-looking home screen.

The Nokia Normandy, which is just the coolest name for all of us Mass Effect fans, runs on Android but it sports a tile-based, Metro UI-esque design. It’s a little shameless, to be sure, but it also offers Android fans an easy way to test the waters of tile-based UI.

There’s still no confirmation as to when the Normandy will ship, but many believe that it will hit shelves this year. And then eventually, of course, Microsoft will be taking ownership of Nokia’s devices and services business, as per the deal they struck last year.

via BGR

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