Big Brother is watching your every action! Only instead of videotaping you, he’s taking tens of thousands of selfies. Oh, and he’s making a note of your emotional state. And yes, of course he’s watching you while you sleep.

Thankfully, that isn’t actually the case, but it could be if Sony gets their way. A recently-discovered patent shows that Sony was or still is working on a “selfie machine” that takes selfies non-stop, all day long, before uploading them to a server and sorting and tagging them. The selfies would allow you to catalog all of your emotional states as well as your sleeping patterns, apparently.

I thought the selfie stick was a bit much, but at least I understand its use. This machine, not so much. If Sony does indeed go forward with this, it will likely cause a ruckus among those who value their privacy, as well it should.

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