You know what’s great and horrible about the current state of smartphones? When you look at something like the LG G5 flagship, it tries to shove all the greatest features into a single device. That inflates the price. What if you’re only interested in a great camera, but don’t want the fastest LTE? What if you want a big display, but not necessarily the highest resolution? Focusing on just one key feature at a time are four new additions to LG’s X series. Say hello to the LG X Power, X Mach, X Style and X Max.

Earlier this year, LG launched its X series (not to be confused with the Xperia X series from Sony) with the LG X Cam and the X Screen. The former gives you a function dual camera system (that evolved into what we see in the G5). The latter boasts the “ticker” display we saw in the LG V10. The same philosophy is being applied to this newest quartet.

The 7.9 mm thick LG X Power focuses on longevity with its 4,100 mAh battery and PE+ fast charging capabilities. The LG X Mach is all about the fastest speeds, boasting support for LTE Cat. 9 3CA, along with its 1.8GHz processor, QHD IPS quantum display, and large sensor camera. The LG X Style is for the fashion-conscious, featuring an extra slim body and “gracefully curving lines.” And finally, the LG X Max comes with a “large display” of unspecified size.

“Each X series smartphone pairs perfectly with its user,” said LG Electronics president Juno Cho, “by offering uncompromising quality and one truly outstanding feature that speak the user’s personal preference and lifestyle.”

Availability and pricing are market dependent and will be announced at some undetermined point in the hopefully near future.



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