Oh dear… Looks like the folks backing BLU-ray couldn’t be more happy right now…

“Some companies and consumers have said in various places around the Net that most HD-DVDs will not come with content protection until around 2010 or so. While that seems the case as of right now, at any tick of the clock Hollywood could start implement content protection into their media. In any case, and as far as we can tell from software companies like CyberLink, if you dont have HDCP support (graphics card + driver + monitor and so on), the ICT rule states that the player must stop playback after just a few seconds. And it does, we tested using a Windows XP system fully HDCP compliant using an Xbox 360 HD-DVD USB drive with The Bourne Supremacy which lacks content protection at this point and the newest version of PowerDVD Ultra indeed stops playback after a few seconds. In essence, this is worse, because if you go out and buy a HD-DVD movie, you wont be able to watch the movie at all, let alone at a reduced resolution. Of course though, you could solve the problem by going out and buying an uber expensive HD-DVD player but who wants to spend that much money and what if you want to play the movies on your PC or any computer like device connection to your HD display?”

Source: TweakTown

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