First rule of hacking: if you pull off a successful hack, don’t boast to all of your friends.

Second rule of hacking: don’t make any folders named “hacky hack hack.”

I know these rules seem incredibly obvious, and that second one is weirdly specific, but an Australian teen did both of of those things when he managed to breach one of Apple’s secure servers.

The 16-year-old Melbourne resident managed to download 90 gigabytes of internal data through several break-ins over the course of a year. He stored the files in a folder named “Hacky hack hack” and then bragged about the hacking over WhatsApp. This is where the criminal mastermind bit sort of falls apart.

Apple discovered the breach and contacted the FBI, which then contacted the Australian Federal Police, which then raided the teen’s home. There they discovered two Apple laptops with serial numbers matching those used in the incident. They also seized a smartphone and a hard drive.

According to reports, the boy was motivated by his love for Apple and a strong desire to work there. His name is being withheld for legal reasons, and he’s set to be sentenced on December 20th.

Somebody’s seen CATCH ME IF YOU CAN a few too many times. While his hacking skills are undoubtedly impressive, there are better ways to go about displaying your talents without painting you as both untrustworthy and reckless. And stupid. The hacky hack hack folder wasn’t cute, it was stupid.

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