Most of the budget-friendly tablets that you see on the market today are WiFi-only, but what about when you need some wireless data on the go and you can’t exactly splurge on an extra wireless data plan? Walmart has buddied up with T-Mobile to offer two suitable solutions for tablet lovers on a budget: the Apollo Trio AXS and the HP Slate 7HD. And both of these will come with free data for life from T-Mobile.

What’s the catch? Well, there are a couple of things that you’ll need to keep in mind. When T-Mobile says that they are offering you free data, that data is restricted to use only on these tablets, so it’s not like you can transfer that free wireless plan over to your smartphone or notebook. Second, you only get 200MB of free data each month. That’s not very much at all, but it is free and should help to tie you over in between Wi-Fi access points. The good news is that this is free 4G data, though it’s unclear if that includes 4G LTE.

As far as specs on these Android tablets go, the $179 Apollo Trio AXS Quad Core tablet has a 7.85″ HD display, 16GB storage, microSD expansion, dual cameras, 1GB of RAM, and a quad core 1.2GHz processor. If you’re willing to wait until next month, you can choose the $229 HP Slate 7HD instead with its nearly identically-spec’d 7-inch multitouch display, 16GB on-board storage, microSD slot, and 1GB of RAM. Naturally, they’re both 4G-equipped to handle all that free 4G data you’ll be using.

If you do find that 200MB doesn’t cut the mustard for you, you can always upgrade to the 3.5GB plan for $35/month or the 5GB plan for $50/month, though that would effectively nullify the appeal of having a budget tablet with free 4G data. This might be a decent alternative or supplement to getting a FreedomPop hotspot for some more free 4G data too. In any case, you’ll be able find the Apollo Trio AXS and the HP Slate 7HD at a Walmart near you.

Via GottaBeMobile

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