It’s a theme, I guess, but it’s one I could easily do without. I think it’s just because I’m impatient to get back in the world after being sick for so many days, but nothing is moving as fast as I want it to. Oh well, at least I’ve got a wide variety of reviews from a wide variety of sites for you to close out your workweek…could be worse, no?

Futurelooks gets us started with CES 2009 Spotlight – Checking Out the Korean Titans: LG and Samsung

bit-tech plays Mirrors Edge PC

HardwareZone presents Cementing First Place – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285

VR-Zone checks out the ASUS P565 – Unlimited Power

HotHardware gives you the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 Unveiled

t-break counters with the Zotac GTX285 AMP! Edition

The TechZone rocks the house with the Logitech Z Cinema Home Theater Speaker

TechReviewSource gets into the Canon Pixima MP980

MadShrimps performs a Foxconn X58 Quantum Force BloodRage Overclocking Test checks out Phoenix Technologies HyperSpace instant-on desktop

And to finish us off, PCShopTalk takes a look at the Glacialtech UFO V51 CPU Cooler

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