Flexible Processor

Lets see your Intel i7 or AMD 1090T do this!

IMEC has created a cheap, flexible 8-bit microprocessor of 4000 transistors. Executing six instructions per second, they will not be breaking any overclocking records, but should prove useful in creating cheaper flexible displays and sensors for everyday use.

IMEC has worked hard to overcome individual organic transistors’ variable switching voltage thresholds. IMEC managed to do this by adding a second layer of gates to control the natural variable switching of the organic transistors. This allows for uniform and predictable control, which is a needed quality in all processors and memory systems.

While novelty use of this technology is very likely in the early stages, I see great potential for various other applications.  These processors can been used as “buillt-in” diabetes tester that can monitor your blood sugar level constantly and provide access to the information with a simple touch to the back of your hand. This can also be used to make TVs as thin as a magazine, pacemakers that are safer around microwaves, and a huge array of other applications where processing power needs to be in a very small area.

Source: Engadget

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