Smoke alarms are a necessity, but you’re not always home to know they’re going off. Finding out your house is on fire when you drive up your street and see fire trucks out front and flames blazing through your roof is not really the ideal way to go about it. Also, if all you have is a smoke alarm, someone still has to notice and call the fire department to help you out. The FireText smoke alarm will bring an end to both of those issues.

This works just like a regular smoke alarm, but with a very important an ingenious improvement…it will send a text message to up to four numbers at the same time it goes off. You can insert a SIM card into the FireText, so you can set it to call not only you but any family, neighbours or friends you might want to know as well. The odds of saving your worldly possessions has just increased exponentially.

Really, that’s all there is to it. This peace of mind does come with a fairly hefty price tag, though…89.99 GBP ($144 US), plus carrier charges for the SIM card. But depending on how worried you are about fire, it might not seem like so much to pay. I think it would be an excellent investment for someone who lives alone, or an elderly relative, or anyone else you might worry about accidentally catching something on fire.

Source: Ubergizmo

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