New glow-in-the-dark resins that span the entire visible spectrum have been developed by a team at the Ryukoku University of Kyoto, Japan. These materials do not need any electrical power and can replace the conventional blue or green phosphors that currently constitute emergency lighting. Warmer colors can abate the feeling of anxiety experienced by people in an emergency situation, and give a better contrast and legibility when looking for an exit through heavy smoke or dust.

Red, green, and blue phosphorescent resins were developed to realize full-color illuminators that shine without the need for electric power. Red phosphorescence, which used to be weak with conventional red phosphors, was enhanced notably with dye-doped resins in which green or blue phosphors were dispersed uniformly; i.e., brightness increased by seven times and afterglow duration extended by two times. Full-color phosphorescence from violet to red was attained by selecting suitable mixing ratios of the phosphors and dyes.

Source: Optics Express

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