Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off today. As usual, everyone is speculating on what Apple will show off at the conference. There won’t be a new iPhone or a fancy new iWatch, but Apple will supposedly talk about their plans for their smart home technology.

Apple won’t be developing the smart home appliances themselves, but will instead work with appliance companies that develop products through Apple’s “Made for iPhone” certification program. This means that the appliance will already be equipped to work with existing iOS devices over Wi-Fi networks. There will likely be voice control via Bluetooth.

This is a really smart way to unfold their smart home initiative because it not only allows Apple to get a lot of iOS-compatible appliances into homes much quicker and easier than if they were to manufacture the products themselves, it also makes it easier for the consumer to find the right products by simply looking for MFi certification.

This could just be step one in a bigger move towards more home-related services and products. Apple isn’t the first company to proceed in this direction but if the market is responsive to this initial announcement, they certainly have the infrastructure to make a big, effective push.

via BGR

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