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There weren't quite enough reviews on this case to make an entire post of my usual length, but there were plenty enough that it would take way too long to work them into other posts in a timely manner. So...here we go. Several different sites have tested out this new case from CM, and as always I've gathered them into one post for your ease of perusal.

Hi Tech Legion - Cooler Master HAF XM Mid Tower Review

techPowerUp - Cooler Master HAF XM

Pro-Clockers - Cooler Master HAF XM Mid Tower

ThinkComputers - Cooler Master HAF XM Mid Tower Case Review

Bjorn3D - CoolerMaster HAF XM Mid-Tower Chassis

Modders-Inc. - Cooler Master HAF XM

LanOC - Cooler Master HAF XM

Legit Reviews - Cooler Master HAF XM Case Review

PureOverclock - REVIEW: Cooler Master HAF XM

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