While the inclusion of the touchscreen, accelerometers and six-axis motion sensors promised new and interesting control mechanisms for gaming on the iPhone, you really just can’t beat a good gamepad and analog control sticks for games such as Street Fighter IV.

Of course this was never an option, until the recent release of the iControlPad. iControlPad is a slick piece of kit that adds a D-pad, four control buttons, Start and Select buttons, left and right shoulder buttons on the back and two honest to goodness analog control sticks. It attaches to the side of your iPhone and connects wirelessly with it over Bluetooth.

Now for the bad news. On standard (non-jailbroken) iPhones, you can only connect using keyboard emulation due to the overly restrictive nature of standard iOS Bluetooth profiles. This means no analog nubs for you.

However, if you happen to have a jailbroken iPhone, then a multitude of connection options open up to you. Besides the keyboard emulation, you also can get access to Serial Port Protocol (SPP) as well as several different Human Interface Device (HID) modes. The iControlPad allows custom configurations that allow you to mix and match these different control schemes. See the following video of the iControlPad in action.

The iControlPad can have its firmware and features updated via systems running Windows, OS X and Linux. It can also work with Android and and WebOS devices. The iControlPad is available now for US$69.99.

Source: TouchArcade, iControlPad Site

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