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Taking a few more swings at this horse before the weekend. Will there be a part five? We'll have to see how the mailbox looks tomorrow...

Futurelooks cleans out the tank some more with a look at what nVidia, Intel, MSI, Kingston, ZALMAN, and VIA were up to. We also get a look at all the Tablets, Notebooks, and Netbooks we'll be seeing this year.

Legit Reviews goes hands on with the Motorola Atrix 4G and Corsair"s new 2.1 Speakers, Cases and Water Coolers

BCC Hardware checks in with Steelseries and Sandisk. Then they head over to Crucial for flash goodies

Hardware Canucks sees Cooler Master Storm Products & A New Water Cooler then heads to ANTEC for more of the same

LANOC compiles all the gaming goodies they saw all in one article

Finally, ThinkComputers brings up the bottom of this round up with OCZ Technology