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We have all witnessed the small collection of new laptops powered with AMD Fusion E-350. If you are like me, you also think that vendors putting a chip designed for netbooks, small PCs, and other small devices in full sized laptops was not the best move. It placed the AMD E-350 right between the Intel Atom/Ion and a veritable army of systems 2 or 3 tiers above it in power. I never thought that was a fair fight, so lets take a look at Zotac’s idea for the new AMD Fusion E-350.

The Zbox is a SFF (Small Form Factor) PC directly targeting the HTPC market. The original focus of the Zbox was an SFF designed to attach to the back of any monitor using a cradle designed for it and the monitor’s VESA Wall Mounting points. This would allow you to turn virtually any monitor you want into an All-in-One PC. Later on, Zotac released a new Zbox (pictured above) built as a HTPC with all the options built right in. The latter has been recently updated with the new AMD platform provided by the Gigabytes E350N-USB3.

The new Zbox AD03BR and Zbox AD03BR Plus come with a very impressive collection of features including Wireless-N, Blu-Ray drive, DDR3 RAM, USB 3.0, DX11 capable GPU, and 23W max power consumption, just to name a few. The standard AD03BR Barebones kit starts at a mere $439.99. The AD03BR Plus includes 2 GB of RAM and 250 GB HDD for $529.99.

If you would like to simply build your own HTPC, the Gigabyte E350N-USB3 motherboard is available for $149.99. If you build a setup with identical specs, it will cost in the same range as the Zbox and will not have a case nearly as sleek or stylish as this one. The Zbox’s price firmly places it in the same category as HTPCs, the PS3, and some very high end Blu-ray players, which is a good market spot for it.

Zotac has put its little fighter in an arena where the Zbox has a very nice collection of weapons with which to fight. For a full run down of the HotHardware hands on review of the final product, click on the source link below.

Currently there is no listing for an AMD Fusion Zbox All-in-One, but I believe a revision for it is in the works.

Zbox Mag-Blue

Source: HotHardware

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