Zalman, who has focused on noise reduction for computers for over a decade, has announced that the mid-range CNPS7X LED will be available later this month. The newest member of the V shaped cooler club joins its brothers the CNPS5X and CNPS10X.  The CNPS7X LED has Zalman’s new composite heat pipes for up to 1.5 times the heat transfer capacity, direct touch heat pipe base, and their V-shape design with a 92mm blue LED fan.

The new V-shape design ensures the air across the pure aluminum fins and pure copper heat pipes are as cool as possible. This is due to the V-shape which allows direct access to the air from the fan without it being exposed to hot areas before hand, like you get with traditional block cooler designs. Combining this with the new composite heat pipes allows Zalman to improve the efficiency of their cooler without adding weight or size.

You can expect the CNPS7X LED to be packaged with all the Zalman goodies including high quality thermal compound, a mounting system capable of working with any current socket type, and Zalman’s W/RC33P resistor to lower the already low noise output to silent system levels. If you are in the market for a silent cooling solution or a high performance solution, the CNPS7X LED may be just what you’re looking to buy.

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