Well, that didn’t take very long. It was just yesterday that we reported on the rumors of a YouTube subscription service that would remove all the ads from the popular video streaming site and here we are today with the official announcement of said service. It’s called YouTube Red and there’s more to it than eliminating ads.

Let’s start with the basics. YouTube Red is going to cost you $10 a month on a subscription basis, which is roughly how much you might already be paying for other streaming services like Hulu Plus, Netflix and Spotify. For that money, you’ll get a YouTube experience that is completely ad-free, including both banners and the pre-roll video ads.

Next, you’ll be able to save videos to watch offline. There are unofficial YouTube ripping sites out there, but this is the officially sanctioned and totally legal solution. YouTube Red will also let you watch some exclusive web series starting some time next year, as well as full length movies. The first movie is something called Unicorn Time and one of the first exclusive series will be a scripted show by the Fine Brothers, the guys behind the “React” videos.

But it’s not just about video either, not exactly. YouTube Red will also let you listen to YouTube videos in the background on your phone, attempting to counter the streaming music services like Pandora, Rdio, and Spotify. That’ll work with the new YouTube Music app, which also grants access to Google Play Music.

How all this pans out for the actual content creators on YouTube, like your friendly neighborhood gadget reviewers on MEGATechNews, remains to be seen. If the ads that directly support these channels get nullified through the subscription service, do the content creators get a piece of the $10/month pie based on views?

And no, you’re not the only one who might confuse YouTube Red for some other website with the words “Red” and “Tube” in its name. This is not that kind of website. At least, we don’t think it is.

Via Gizmodo

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