OK, I admit it. I will probably never own an iPad, iPad2, or any other tablet. Primarily because I don’t like them. After all, I just bought a new laptop…that’s more my style. However, if I were to get one by whatever method, I would definitely have to have this case for it. I have entirely too many fond memories of playing with my Etch-A-Sketch as a kid (remember when the silver would leak out around the knobs and your mom would freak out because you were getting poisoned?) to not want this. I think it goes with that LEGO obsession of mine.

The Etch-A-Sketch iPad case is made from the exact same red plastic as the original, although the two white knobs are there simply for looks. It measures about the same size as the original, and even has the same gold lettering on top. As with any iPad case, it will protect from scratches and other damage, but it has the added bonus of looking entirely too fun. Who knows, you might even fool a would-be thief into thinking an old Etch-A-Sketch isn’t worth stealing! It features two kickstands to tilt your iPad for landscape mode, and is designed to provide easy access to its speakers, memory slot, home button, and other features.

But wait. There’s more! And this is what makes it all worth buying. There is a free downloadable app from Freeze Tag, Inc. that will actually turn your iPad into an Etch-A-Sketch! It even makes the same sound when you shake it to erase what you’ve drawn! And it’s an officially licensed product!

If you need one as badly as I do, you can make one yours for right around $39.00 US.

Source: Geek Alerts

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