Although user data leaks happen frequently, I don't report all of them because I like to live in my own personal bubble in which the Internet is a flawless and perfect and invulnerable to any sort of security breach. Except that it's not, not even a little bit, and now porn site xHamster gets added to the long list of recent breaches.

Some 380,000 usernames, email addresses, and passwords were stolen and, according to website Motherboard, were being traded online. That's just a drop in the bucket of xHamster's 12-million-large userbase, but it's still over a quarter-of-a-million accounts. Thankfully the passwords were encrypted, but according to a spokesperson for LeakBase, the system used for encrypting is weak and insecure.

The real story is that several of the accounts were linked to government email addresses, which means that government officials aren't smart enough to use throwaway email accounts for their private hobbies. That's terrifying!

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