Back in my day, if we wanted to watch television, we had to use “rabbit ears” antennas to pull static-laden channels out of the ether. Of course, this is less because of my age and more because I grew up in an area without cable. And while kids these days will never know that pain, the age of the antenna isn’t dead yet, thanks to products like this Xbox One TV dongle.

The Xbox One was designed to act as a cable box, but more and more people are cancelling their cable subscriptions – cord cutters, they’re called – and opting for Internet-based programming. What if you still want TV, though? Well, if you have either an indoor or outdoor antenna and live in North America (in an area that can pull in signals), you can pick up an $80 Hauppage WinTV-955Q dongle and plug it into a USB port on your Xbox One to pull in over-the-air TV programming. It’s natively recognized by the console which means you’ll be able to use OneGuide, Kinect, and SmartGlass integration. You’ll also be able to “pause” live television for up to thirty minutes.

If you’re a member of the Xbox Preview Program, you can try it out right now. If you’re not, you’ll have to wait a few months, but the silver lining is that by the time Microsoft rolls out the feature there will be another, cheaper version of the dongle that costs around $60. Scroll down to watch a video of Major Nelson discussing the tuner dongle with Xbox Program Manager Harrison Hoffman.

via Gizmodo

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