We recently reported the sad news that the highers up AOL (yes, they still exist) were shutting down a number of “underperforming” sites, including Joystiq and TUAW. As of the time of this writing, both sites have ceased posting. They aren’t the only two, though. AOL also tried shutting down the World of Warcraft blog WoW Insider; the operative word being tried.

WoW Insider has now become Blizzard Watch thanks to a successful Patreon campaign. How successful? Right now, Blizzard Watch is sitting at $12,750.83 per month through 2,442 patrons. That 83 cents is killing me. How does that happen?

The patreon was started by Alex Ziebart, former Editor-in-Chief of WoW Insider, and the original goal was $8,000 per month. Seeing as how they’ve blown past that by over $4,000, they’ll be expanding their team and bringing in more freelance writers to generate more quality content.

I’ve never been a consistent WoW player, but this is certainly good news for those who are. For the horde!

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