China, its a strange and magical place where people’s dreams become reality again, with “improvements.” We are all very aware that China has a interesting and strange habit of simply copying other good ideas instead of coming up with their own. In some areas, particularly technology China even tries to one up the real counter parts in specs. I use this as a measurement for how well cell phones are doing, because you are not doing well until China sells a cheap knockoff of your product.

Well the proof is in, Windows Phone 7 OS has made it. The above Shanzai WP7 has a 1 Ghz processor, 256 MB RAM/ 512 ROM, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, two microSD card slots, and Dual SIM card slots (a checkbox feature for knockoff phones). It even has a slightly larger screen than most of the real Win7 phones at 4.8″ (most real ones have a 4.3″ screen). The best part of the pseudo Windows Phone 7 look is achieved with Windows Phone 6.5 and some customization. China officially did exactly what everyone thought Microsoft was going to do when they announced the OS back in 2009.

I have never understood why China does this. A large number of these devices are manufactured or assembled in China. How hard would it be to negotiate a deal with the companies you make the “real” devices for to allow one of your Chinese partners to sell it there? Give them a discount on the manufacturing cost, and a portion of the profits for the Chinese sales. Its win/win.

I can only guess “imitation is the highest form of flattery” must be the China national motto.

Source: WP Central

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