Taipei, Taiwan, 30 April, 2010 – GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, continues the global graphics card overclocking competition at HWBOT. The first OC Guru challenge has ended with winners taking home USD $1,500 cash, a brand new HD 5870 SOC graphics card, and HD 5750 silent cell with passive cooling. This time GIGABYTE’s second OC Guru challenge, OC Guru is YOU! – GIGABYTE AMD HD 5000 Series OC Challenge, expands the range of prizes to include not only GIGABYTE graphics cards but also GIGABYTE motherboards. Whether you have joined us the first time, contestants around the world are encouraged to participate in this challenge at HWBOT.

Similar to the first challenge, respective winners in different categories will receive different prizes. However, this time GIGABYTE has added weekly prizes. The winner of highest Vantage overall will once again, receive USD $1500, the winner of highest GPU score will receive HD 5770 SO graphics card, and the winner with weekly precision challenge will be rewarded with one motherboard, including GA-MA785GMT-US2H, GA-MA74GMT-S, GA-890GPA-UD3, and GA-880GA-UD3H. The sum of all these wonderful prizes adds up to USD $2100. Competition will be held from May 1st to May 31st. Contestants are required to use ONLY GIGABYTE AMD motherboards and GIGABYTE HD 5000 series graphics cards (excluding HD 5800 and HD 5900 series). Please refer to the following “prize” section for less limited weekly precision challenge.

To Enter the Challenge:

? Use only GIGABYTE AMD motherboards

? Use only GIGABYTE HD 5000 series graphics cards, excluding HD 5800 & HD 5900 series

? Use only single GPU

? Use only retail AMD CPU, no limitation on models


? 1st place of 3DMark Vantage Performance Score: USD $1,500

? 1st place of 3DMark Vantage Performance GPU Score: GIGABYTE HD 5770 SO graphics card

? For weekly precision challenge, you may use ANY GIGABYTE HD 5000 series graphics card with ANY GIGABYTE motherboards. In other words, HD 5800 & HD 5900 series and non-AMD GIGABYTE motherboards are allowed. Please check back each week to find out target score. Winners will be awarded with:

• Week 1: GA-MA785GMT-US2H

• Week 2: GA-MA74GMT-S2

• Week 3: GA-890GPA-UD3H

• Week 4: GA-880GA-UD3H

Rules of Competition:

? General HWBOT submission rules and guidelines must be followed (in other words: submitting results like you do on normal HWBOT system).

? Please provide a Futuremark verification link as well as screen shots.

? Please add a system picture to the submission.

? People who damage the integrity of the overclocking spirit are removed from the competition (eg: cheating).

? Special software tweaks must be disclosed during the competition to the HWBOT staff and will be made public afterwards.

? Both GIGABYTE and HWBOT have the right to remove a doubtful score.

? Limitation: using only retail for this competition.

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