While Nintendo’s new console – the Wii U – hasn’t been as well-received as I’m sure the company had hoped, their touch-screen controller has been turning heads – some pretty big heads. And no, that’s not an ego joke. According to the newest Xbox World Magazine, Microsoft’s Xbox 720 will feature controllers with HD touch-screens, used in the much the same capacity as that advertised for the Wii U – to display menus and the like to work in tandem with what’s currently on the big screen.

This isn’t surprising. Just the other day we ran a story about 56% of households having at least one current-gen gaming console, and this emphasis on the mainstream is exactly why. The Xbox 720 will be a multi-purpose media machine, much more so than the Xbox 360, and this report of a touch-screen controller is just another push in that direction.

via Slashgear

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