Years ago, rumors swirled about a supposed Galaxy F series that would be Samsung’s “super premium” series. These phones would be the best the company had to offer and easily their most expensive phones. The line never materialized, and the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines continue to be the two lines Samsung adds to each year.

The rumor’s back and stronger than ever, thanks to the upcoming foldable phone that we wrote about last week. The phone is rumored to cost between $1500 and $2000, which would fall in line with the whole “super premium” thing. Start adjusting to your new lives of poverty, everyone.

Wait a hot minute, though. Previous rumors pegged the foldable phone as carrying the Galaxy X name, but new evidence suggests that the Galaxy X will be Samsung’s first dedicated gaming phone and it will not fold, after all. It could be both, of course, but rumors heavily favor it being a gaming device.

There’s also the chance that the Galaxy F series may be developed exclusively for China, but there are also rumblings of Galaxy R and Galaxy P lines that are being designed with that market in mind.

At this point, there are so many active rumors that we need to wait for clarification or at least until things coalesce into something easier to follow. We do know this, though: things are on the horizon at Samsung. Good things? It’s too early to tell, but we’re definitely getting new things, and new is exciting.


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