As we sit around and twiddle our thumbs, anxiously awaiting the opportunity to drop five figures on a golden Apple Watch, the Google-infused world has been happily enjoying the wonders of the Android Wear platform. Announced last year, Android Wear is meant to be a streamlined OS that’s perfect for wearables like smartwatches. Curiously, we’ve only been able to use these smartwatches over Bluetooth. That may soon be changing.

We’ve heard that many Android Wear smartwatches already have Wi-Fi modules built into them, but they have effectively been deactivated and left dormant behind those digital watch faces. Now, Google is working on support for Wi-Fi so that your Asus ZenWatch or Moto 360 can finally get hooked up with your home wireless network without the aid a connected smartphone. Or perhaps it’ll mean that your watch will be able to make a direct ad-hoc connection to your phone for faster data transfers.

If, how and when Wi-Fi will finally be unleashed onto the Android Wear world remains to be seen, but if several of these smartwatches already have Wi-Fi built into them, all it’d take would be an OTA software update from Google. That update could also introduce some new gesture controls too. It just won’t suddenly cover your LG G Watch in gold and jack up its price to $10,000+.

Via Mobileburn

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