When Science Turns To S**t

Would you like to know how long it takes an African elephant to produce your weight in poop? Did you know that termites use their own feces to glue their houses together? Can you recognize an animal from its dung?

If you’re interested in looking deeper into the world of animal dejections – including ours! – the traveling exhibition Scoop On Poop! has just left Miami to settle at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia until next month. Based on Canadian science writer Wayne Lynch’s book of the same name, the exhibition uses 15 interactive stations to show visitors how scientists use fecal matter to study animal biology, how animals use their poop to built their homes or evade predators, and what can be done about the growing problem of human waste.

You’ll be amazed to discover what different animals and insects do with what us humans consider an “unmentionable topic.” If you think that this world is full of s**t, this is the ideal opportunity to learn more about this “fascinating” subject!

Source: The Scientist

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