Many cellphone companies have gotten to the point where they offer multiple variants of the same device. There’s the iPhone 7 and then there’s the iPhone 7 Plus. Word on the digital streets of Seoul is that LG could be working on two new phones that are based on the LG G6. Appropriately enough, they’re being called the LG G6 Pro and the LG G6 Plus.

Seeing how the regular G6 was only released a few months ago, this revelation comes as somewhat of a surprise. When LG was contacted in regards to this rumor, senior global director of communications Ken Hong indicated that they are “definitely interested in expanding our product offerings to include more options for customers who are asking for different features.”

He didn’t outright confirm the news, but he didn’t deny it either. Unlike some other Korean smartphone where the “Plus” model gets a bigger screen, this does not appear to be the case with the LG G6 Plus. Instead, it’ll be basically the same phone, except with 128GB of internal storage and wireless charging, priced at 999,000 Korean won (about $890 US).

Oddly, the LG G6 Pro sounds like it might even be a downgrade from the vanilla version. The 790,000 won (about $700 US) Android smartphone would get 32 GB of storage for about $100 less than its original counterpart. Aside from that, both the LG G6 Pro and the LG G6 Plus are expected to have the same screen, the same RAM, and the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 running the show.

If true, both phones are expected to ship toward the end of the month in South Korea, followed by the rest of the global market some time after that. It’s also possible that multiple variants of the V series, perhaps an LG V30 Plus and LG V30 Pro, are also in the pipeline.

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