As MegaTechNews continues to grow and mature, we will continue to pump out more and more quality content. It’s pretty easy for you to miss a story here or there, so that’s why I put together this little roundup every Sunday. It doesn’t cover everything, of course, but it gives you a few highlights.

Like the Super Talent USB 3.0 Express RC8, for example. It might look like your regular run-of-the-mill USB flash drive, but that’s a real SSD under the hood, complete with a SandForce controller. That’s pretty nutty, since the Super Talent RC8 can rock speeds of up to 270MB/s over a USB 3.0 connection.

You know you want one.

I wouldn’t really call myself an iFan, but I wouldn’t really call myself an iEnemy either. Either way, I’m as interested as anyone as to what to expect from the next generation of iDevices from Steve Jobs and his Cupertino-based empire.

Michael Lim lets us in on everything we know about iPhone 5 and iPad 3. Sort of. You see, we really know nothing about either device, because Apple is notoriously tight-lipped about its upcoming products.

That said, there’s a sizable amount of information on the web that is either verifiable or well within the realm of reason, especially when you get indications from Apple’s suppliers. Curved back? New processor? Bigger screen?

The talented Beth Snyder can be pretty public at times, but she also values her privacy and her security. That’s why she’s always finding neat surveillance products like the HD Spy Camera Light Switch.

That’s right. It’s a regular-looking light switch that you can put just about anywhere in your home, but hidden within that nondescript-looking logo is a camera. It can make use of motion detection to start recording your home, storing those videos onto a microSD card. You can even get it to send you an SMS when it does so.

Even though we are very much moving toward a global marketplace, there are still several products that never make it to our shores. Video games are no exception.

Resident gamer Dylan Duarte takes us for a stroll down history lane by highlight several games that never made it to North America, at least in an official capacity. Not surprisingly, Mother 3 makes the list. And Pepsiman too. You can’t forget about Pepsiman.

James White is usually more of our PC kind of guy, but he dabbles in other kinds of tech too. This is especially true when the two worlds collide, as would be the case with teh Archos 80 G9 and Archos 101 G9 Android tablets.

They might look like most other Android tablets, but they hide a very special difference: the new Seagate Momentus Thin. These 2.5-inch hard drives are just 7mm tall, making them perfect for the tablet environment. Other tablet makers might be sticking with flash, but Archos and Seagate are giving you 10x the storage with these devices instead.

That’s hot. I just hope the performance is reasonably on par; they say that the Momentus Thin is “capable of competing in speed with some of the entry level SSDs used in similar devices.”

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