Every Sunday, we gather up some of the posts that you might have missed in the preceding week. There’s always something new to read or see on MegaTechNews!

First, we start off with my review of the Breffo Spiderpodium and Spiderpodium Tablet. These are some rather handy gadgets (no pun intended) that are useful for holding everything from your iPhone to your iPad, your BlackBerry to your Galaxy Tab. They each come with eight flexible legs that can bend and wrap around just about anything.

The kicker is that while they’re used primarily as desktop stands for your various mobile devices, both Spiderpodium products could easily be adapted for just about anywhere else (like your car). That said, should you get one? Read the full review to find out.

Next up, Dylan Duarte gets us ready for the upcoming Easter holiday by going on an Easter egg hunt… but he’s not talking about those colorful non-spheres that came from the business end of some giant rabbit. Instead, he’s got a lot of fun Easter egg secrets that you can find on the web, in movies, and in video games.

Do you know where else you can use the Konami Code outside of Contra? Do you know what happens when you enter the code in Google Reader? What about the actual Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto?

Resident computer guru James White lets us know about the new Zotac GeForce GT-520. The graphics card is designed for home theatre PCs and other small form factor computers, delivering powerful graphics in a smaller package.

You’ve got support for Nvidia Cuda, DirectX 11, PhysX, OpenGL 4.1, and Nvidia 3D Vision. With an entry-level card like this, you’ll be playing 3D Blu-rays without dipping too deep into the piggy bank.

Last and certainly not least, Beth Snyder shoves a drum synthesizer in your pocket with the Korg WaveDrum Mini. It’s just a little old thing, but it’s almost like having a real electronic drum set everywhere you go. Sure beats the virtual drum sets you get on smartphones!

The Wavedrum Mini by Korg has 100 sounds, 100 rhythm patterns, and 10 audio effects right out of the box. The 1.3W speaker is good enough for local listening, but you’ll probably want to use the headphone jack to get the full experience.

And that wraps up another MegaTechie week. ‘Til next time!

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