So what’s going on in the MEGATech world this week? Over on our sister site Futurelooks, I provide a LG Optimus Pad unboxing video with plans to provide a full review of the tablet in the next couple of weeks.

This 8.9-inch tablet gets powered by a dual core processor and Google’s Android 3.0 Gingerbread operating system. It does everything you expect an Android tablet to do, but it has the added bonus of having dual 5MP cameras in back. This allows it to shoot 3D videos, setting it apart from the rest of the Droid Pad Army.

Continuing on the subject of Google Android, resident Droid army fanatic Dylan Duarte chimes in the recent Motorola acquisition by Google. This is huge news in the mobile industry, sending ripples well outside the Android ecosystem.

But even within it, what could this acquisition mean for other manufacturers of Android devices? Will Samsung and HTC feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick when it comes to support and updates? Will Motorola automatically be favored for the latest and greatest in Android goodness, getting first dibs and sneak peeks at things that the others won’t?

Will this push these guys toward considering a stronger push in other platforms, like Windows Phone 7 or even licensing webOS from HP? Dylan doesn’t think so. He thinks this acquisition is good for Android and good for consumers.

And finally, Beth Snyder wants to create a better ambiance in your home. That’s why she’s turning your attention toward the Evul Todai Lighthouse Lamp. It’s styled after the lighthouses of Japan and uses a “heat convectin turning system” for its photo lens. This means it has no motor and, thus, no additional noise.

I suppose it isn’t terribly more useful than just a regular lamp you may put on your living room end table, but there’s something calming about having a lighthouse with 5 color filters and 15 lighting patterns, each of which are meant to elicit a certain mood. And yes, it’s made entirely in Japan too.

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