Have you been staying on top of the world of technology, gadgets, and digital lifestyle? A few of our awesome posts might have flown under your radar, so here’s your chance to catch up.

Resident iExpert Michael Lim wraps up all the next generation iPhone rumors in one neat, tight package. The latest word has the possibility of seeing the iPhone 4S and a full-blown iPhone 5 being announced and released in the next month or so.

Curved backs, bigger screens, better cameras, and movement away from Samsung all seem to be a part of the Apple iLandscape moving forward.

Maybe you’re not the type to hang out in Cupertino with the cool kids in black turtlenecks? If you have a Google Android smartphone, then you’ll want to read the Android rooting guide written by our very own Dylan Duarte.

He outlines exactly what it means to root an Android phone, what are some the risks involved, and how you go about doing it. Since there are many different Android phones, however, there are also many different methods to doing the rooting thing. This is just part one in the series, so stay tuned for more rooting goodness from our delegate from Disappointmentville.

Myself, I took a look at the Uebo M50 Mobile 1080p Media Player. It’s about half the size of a deck of cards, but it’s supposed to pump out that 1080p HD content to your HDTV.

At least, that’s what I was expecting. Yes, there’s an SD card slot and USB port in the front. Yes, there is HDMI output in the back and it will indeed play back a huge variety of video, audio, and picture files. That said, the experience may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

This is an increasingly crowded and competitive segment of the market with many of the major computer-geared folks getting into the mix. We’ve seen media players from Western Digital, Asus, Patriot, and others. How does a company like Uebo get into this mix to carve out its own niche?

Perhaps PC gaming is more your cup of Azeroth or Battlefield tea? James White ventures into that field by highlighting the new Corsair Vengeance gaming keyboards and mice. These include the Vengeance K60 with its distinct palm rest and rubberized keys.

The two sets of keyboards and mice approach entirely different games. One set is geared toward all the FPS folks in the audience, complete with sniper-like precision on the mouse. The other side is more for the MMO and RTS folks, who have an entirely different set of priorities. Not all gaming keyboards and mice are made alike!

And finally, we have one of those really cool home gadgets that’s probably overpriced but you want it anyway. The Dyson Air Multiplier fans are pretty awesome with their blade-less designs, but what do you do in the winter when you want to stay warm?

Beth Snyder lets us know about a new product that fits that bill perfectly: the appropriately named Dyson Hot. It works just like the Air Multiplier fans, but there’s a heating element inside. So, it blows warm air around. Better still, you can turn off the heat and it reverts back to a regular fan. Awesome! Too bad it costs so much.

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