What might have flown under your radar this week? We’re always posting new stuff here on MegaTechNews, so here’s a look at some top posts that you may not have noticed.

First off, we have this clever contraption discovered by Beth Snyder. It’s the Bubblescope attachment for smartphones. In effect, you attach it to your phone and then you can take crazy 360-degree panoramas without actually changing anything in your cameraphone at all. Just use the software afterward and you have an amazing view of whatever.

I think this would be great for road trip pictures, maybe from that lookout over the Grand Canyon or in the middle of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Check out the YouTube video for more.

Next, it looks like Michael Lim’s prediction about the next iPhone has been backed up by the experts at the Wall Street Journal. The iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S — we’re still not entirely sure what it will be called — is still pretty much on schedule to ship out this September.

Apple has started to shop around for secondary suppliers and so on, presumably to make sure that they can hit their production targets. There’s no real reason why Apple would amp up its iPhone production targets in the next couple of months if it didn’t plan on releasing something new and exciting, right?

There’s more than just one more thing too, so be sure to read up on Michael’s last couple of articles on the next-generation iPhone to see what’s up. A new processor, a new camera, and maybe a new screen are in the works, but should we be expecting a new shell and form factor too? What’s this about a curved back?

I don’t really find as much time as I used to find to play video games anymore, but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest in the industry. I get in some Rock Band and Street Fighter when I can.

And it looks like Mad Catz wants to do more in the gaming department too. Their old accessories weren’t so hot, but the FightSticks are pretty great… but now they want to publish games too. I guess there’s not enough money in accessories?

Mad Catz has only announced some plans for Xbox 360 so far, but I’d imagine they’re just as interested in the Wii and PS3. They’re just not willing to say it yet.

Last and certainly not least, we have the representative from Disappointmentville, USA. Dylan Duarte walks you through what you can do now with the new limited data plans from Verizon.

You might have been grandfathered in their unlimited plan, but they might get you to switch when it comes time to renew your contract. Personally, I think that all the cell companies have been redefining “unlimited” for a while already, so they might as well make it official. We’ve been dealing with “limited” data in Canada since the beginning.

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