What’s happening? We’ve got plenty of new content going up all the time on MEGATechNews, keeping you up to date in the world of gadgets and technology. And we like to have fun too.

Like, for instance, we buddied up with sister site Futurelooks to challenge the Ford Focus. Ford got us to take it to a makeshift test track, try out the various gadgetry inside, and experience the automatic park assist feature. The net result is a brilliant video done by our friends at Solid State Pictures. Fantastic stuff.

Switching gears to the world of video games, Michael Lim unearths a great infographic on the state of mobile gaming. Not surprisingly, Nintendo is being hit the hardest where it hurts the most. Why spend $40 on a DS title when you can buy an iOS or Android game for a fraction of that? Or in the case of 81% of downloads, for free?

Though the infographic, we learn such interesting factoids as the mobile gaming industry making $8 billion this year, bearing in mind that mobile gambling hist $16 billion. We also learn that gaming is pretty well split between the sexes with 53% of gamers being female. You can dump that stereotype that games are just for guys!

Dylan Duarte sticks with the gaming theme, but he goes beyond the mobile realm and onto consoles and PC games to find six potentially awesome licensed games that never were.

We’ve all experienced some rather terrible games that are based on movies and television shows, so it’s always exciting when a game that’s based on popular entertainment is actually good. These may have had potential, like the Aliens RPG or the Jurassic Park: Survival game, but Dylan thinks a Dirty Harry game would have been epic.

I wonder if the studios would be at all interested in making a game based on House, MD. It’d have nothing to do with solving medical mysteries and more about being an ass with your co-workers.

Last and certainly not least, Beth Snyder has discovered several more gems for us to consider in her latest quirky USB flash drive roundup. These roundups are always pretty awesome.

I personally think the Voltron drive is the best. The cool thing is that these Incubot Shiroi flash drives actually benefit the Japanese Red Cross and Safecast in their earthquake relief efforts. Double-win. You get an awesome drive and the money goes to a good cause.

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