We post a lot of great content on MEGATechNews each and every day, so it’s easy for some of that to fly under your radar. That’s why we do these little roundups every Sunday, in case you missed something cool.

Like Beth’s most recent collection of USB flash drives. Yes, the flash drive shaped like a cute cat is one thing, but how about the one built into a Swiss Army knife or the one designed with, um, adult enjoyment in mind?

This week saw the long-awaited launch of the Motorola DROID Bionic with Verizon Wireless. We first saw this Android smartphone announced back at CES 2011 in January, but now it’s here.

Resident Android enthusiast Dylan Duarte explains why the DROID Bionic will smash the iPhone. Yes, we don’t know any of the specs for the iPhone 5 yet. It could be called the iPhone 4S for all we know, but we have some reasonably confident speculations in there.

And Dylan thinks the Bionic will rule all robots, including those of the iVariety. Check out Dylan’s article as he goes spec for spec, shot for shot, pitting the Droid Bionic against the iPhone 5. My take? I think the Nexus Prime will blow both of them out of the water.

Having a standard for apps certainly helps for their proliferation, because it means that developers spend more time creating awesome apps and less time porting them across platforms.

That same concept — as reported by our very own Michael Lim — is slowly being adapted to the living room, as a SmartTV app standard is being proposed by the triumvirate of LG, Sharp and Philips. That’s good, but with giants like Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Vizio, and others not on board yet, you have to wonder if just these three companies is enough.

You want APU? You’ve got it. James takes a look at the expanded AMD APU lineup that was recently announced.

On the lower end of the pricing scale, you’ll find offerings like the 2.7GHz A4-3400 with an MSRP of just $70. Despite being relatively inexpensive, these budget-minded APUs still pack plenty of power for the average consumer.

Last and certainly not least, you have to remember to enter the Great MEGATechNews PAX Prime 2011 Swag Giveaway. (Try saying that three times fast!)

We were over at PAX and collected all sorts of awesome swag, just for you. This includes four t-shirts, some really cool “bionic” arm warmers from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and even a download code for Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon for Xbox Live Arcade. All in all there are more than a dozen items in that prize pack. Enter now!

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