People engage in all sorts of regrettable behavior when they’re under the influence, the worst of which is getting behind the wheel of a car. The more intoxicated you become, the worse decisions you make, and you’re the least qualified the judge if you’re capable of operating a vehicle. That’s where WearSmith comes in.

WearSmith is a tiny Bluetooth breathalyzer that can be used with or without a phone, though the smartphone app will provide you with more data, including how long it should take you to sober up. And of course the app will help you call someone for a ride. The device couldn’t be easier to operate: simply click a button, wait a few seconds, and blow to get your blood-alcohol level.

Sadly, the WearSmith can’t physically stop you from driving, but it can hopefully convince potential drunk drivers that no, they’re not okay to drive. It will help at parties, where other people can decide who’s driving and who’s not. Ultimately the responsibility comes down to a personal level, though, and it’s up to the driver to trust the numbers.

WearSmith is currently on IndieGoGo with a month to reach its $35,000 goal. Retail price will be $120, but if you act now you can grab an Early Bird WearSmith for $69. Check out the press release below for all the details.

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WearSmith Launches On Indiegogo: Instantly Check Blood Alcohol Level Anywhere
A Pocket Bluetooth Breathalyzer Test, No Smartphone Necessary
Taipei, Taiwan, August 16, 2016 – Sometimes we’re no good at judging when we’ve had too much to drink and our decisions suffer: driving home from the bar that night, or sending an email only to later regret it. But what if it was possible to measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC) instantly, anywhere?

Introducing WearSmith, the world’s smallest and lightest Bluetooth breathalyzer, and the focus of a new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. WearSmith measures a user’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and displays results directly on its built-in OLED display. A free smartphone app provides extra data and features via a quick Bluetooth connection, estimating recovery time to sobriety, tracking consumption statistics, or even calling a friend, cab, or parents for a ride. Smarter drinking, smarter decisions.

Test Blood Alcohol Level Anytime, Anywhere
At only 19 g (0.7 oz), the WearSmith personal breathalyzer is so small and lightweight, it’s convenient to slip into a pocket to take anywhere. Personalize it with an assortment of straps, necklaces, and keychains to carry it in any style. Having easy access to one’s blood alcohol level makes drinking and going out with friends safer and more responsible: WearSmith can check a designated driver after a party, or convince a friend that they’re in a poor condition to drive. “We’ve all experienced some scary situations while out drinking,” admits Brian Chen, lead researcher. “Creating WearSmith, our team sought to reduce the risk of poor decisions by keeping people informed about their bodies and limits. Many drinkers have never once taken a breathalyzer test. What if we never measured our weight? Our heart rate? Our blood pressure?”

Quick and Simple to Use Sobriety Test
Using WearSmith couldn’t be simpler – easy even after a few drinks! A user needs only click a button and wait a few seconds for WearSmith’s electrochemical sensor to warm up (this ensures the most accurate reading), then place the mouthpiece in their mouth and blow steadily for a few seconds. WearSmith’s bright built-in OLED screen will display the calculated blood alcohol concentration.

A free app for Android and iPhone easily links with WearSmith via Bluetooth; based on the user’s profile, it estimates how long to wait for complete recovery. If a user thinks they’ve had too much to drink, the WearSmith app can call a friend, family member, or taxi service for a safe ride home.

Tried and Tested Breathalyzer Technology
WearSmith uses an electrochemical fuel cell sensor. Its user-replaceable battery is good for about three months or 1000 breath tests. WearSmith’s prototype won the Computex design and innovation award. Organized by the world-renowned design institute, iF International Forum Design, and moderated by a panel of international design experts, these awards recognize excellence in innovation, quality, value, safety, and craftsmanship, among other criteria.

Find out more about WearSmith, the world’s smallest Bluetooth breathalyzer, including super early-bird discounts, at

Key features
The world’s smallest and lightest Bluetooth breathalyzer
Measures blood alcohol level from user’s breath
Can be used standalone without a phone
Built-in OLED display
Free app for iPhone iOS 9 and Android 5.0
One year warranty
MSRP: US$120
Fund it now for a huge discount on Indiegogo!

About Coasia Microelectronics Corp.
Coasia Microelectronics Corporation (TWSE: 8096) is the developer of the award-winning WearSmith, the world’s smallest bluetooth breathalyzer, and the Air Mentor 6-in-1 indoor personal air pollution monitor. As well as awards, Coasia’s innovative products have won acclaim from users and industry experts. Air Mentor, the subject of Coasia’s previous successful Indiegogo campaign, has moved to mass production and is currently available for purchase. Coasia is based in Taipei, Taiwan. To learn more about WearSmith, please visit their websites at:


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