I wouldn’t be surprised if people here in the cozy United States didn’t even know what a VPN is. That’s because we have virtually unrestricted access to the Internet, so we have no need for a virtual private network. In other countries, such as China, heavy censorship dictates which websites you can access. A virtual private network is an effective way to get around that censorship.

That’s why VPNs have become all the rage these days and why software developers KeepSolid have announced a brand new version of their VPN app called VPN Unlimited for iOS. Like the name suggests, it offers unlimited virtual private network access to its users, which now includes Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS users.

VPN Unlimited will let you bypass Internet restrictions while protecting your connection, location, and IP address. The application is free to download and use for ten days, and various payment plans can keep it going longer. $1.99 will get you a week of access, $4.99 will get you a month, and $24.99 will get you an entire year.

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