Futurelooks gives you their two cents on what the top three games for each of the hot consoles are this holidays season. Check out their picks right here.

Other reviews of note…

Xbox 360

PrimoTechnology – Assassin’s Creed

GamePyre – Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, Eternal Sonata, Vampire Rain, The Orange Box

TweakTown – Assassin’s Creed, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga


Bit-Tech – Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Super Mario Galaxy

Playstation 3

Bit-Tech – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune review

GameHelper – Racthet & Clank

TweakTown – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune


HCW – Playstation 3 vs. XBOX 360 – One Year Later

Digital Trends – Wii vs. Xbox 360

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