How much smartphone can get for less than $200 these days? The race to the bottom continues with one brand that’s pushing its affordable premium agenda, another brand that’s a straight-up G with waterproofing… and then you’ve got this. The HTC Desire 626 won’t hold a candle to its One M9 stablemate, but it’s also priced at under two hundred bucks outright, sans contract. That’s compelling.

Making its way over to Verizon Wireless, the HTC Desire 626 borrows many of the design cues from its more expensive counterparts and throws them into a package that costs a lot less. And it comes in a bunch of different colors too, including Blue Lagoon, Gray Lava and White Birch, among others. Of course, there are plenty of sacrifices in the hardware department.

There’s a fairly standard-looking 5-inch display, except that it’s only of the 720p variety. There’s a quad core processor under the hood, but it’s only a Snapdragon 210 clocked at 1.1GHz. But hey, at least you get to start things off with Android 5.1 and HTC Sense 7. And the phone looks half decent, even if it may end up being a little sluggish.

The HTC Desire 626 is listed, as mentioned, for $192 outright or you can spread that out over 24 monthly payments of $8 (which works out to the same $192).

Via Mobileburn

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