After consulting with several ad agencies for Portal 2’s upcoming campaign, Valve has decided ad agencies are completely useless. Valve reports all they received from these so-called creative think tanks were copied material from other current ads and cliche material done thousands of times before. Doug Lombardi, head of marketing for Valve, decided the best people to advertise a game were the people making it.

In the weeks leading up to the release of the much anticipated Portal 2, the larger base of their target audience will introduced to it via a TV commercial(s) by Valve itself. It will be the first time we can see the guys at Valve work their magic outside of their games.

This has the potential to be either a monumental success or a colossal failure with the ability to change the industry as a whole. It will either show other developers and distributors they truly need the help of ad agencies, or they are just stealing their money. The real key here is not the ad itself, mind you, but the connections ad agencies have at their disposal. Does Valve have enough friends in the TV industry to get good market penetration?

Source: The Escapist Magazine

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