The battery life of an Apple Watch seems more important than that of a phone, if only because carrying a dead phone in your pocket is less embarrassing than wearing a dead watch on your wrist. There have been some complaints about how long the Apple Watch’s battery lasts, but Reserve Strap is looking to address those complaints with their new watch-charging band.

The Reserve Strap plugs into the watch’s accessory port and, when powered on, can add a whopping 30 hours of battery life. You can charging the watch in spurts or leave the band on to keep the watch at 100% until the band dies. The LED indicator on the Reserve Strap reportedly glows red, yellow, or green to show a high, medium, or low charge, but hopefully that’s a mistake and it’s the other way around. Defying convention like that can confuse people.

The Reserve Strap will be available in white, gray, or black and retail for $250 when it ships in November. That’s a pretty heavy price tag, but if that’s what it takes to get the full experience out of your Apple Watch, then go nuts!

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