The trend toward open office designs is supposed to lead to more creativity and worker interaction, since nobody is trapped in a tiny cubicle all alone. Which works in some cases, not so much in others.

But one thing it definitely does is reduce the available ways to personalize your work space. With no walls, you can't hang posters or pictures, so you're pretty much left with your desk on which to put your own individual stamp. Picture frames are pretty common, ditto plants. But what about those of us who are a little, shall we say, mischievous?

That's where the USB powered BB Sniper Rifle comes in. It takes up about as much room as your average potted plant, but it's ever so much more fun! Powered by a standard USB outlet, and controlled by your computer, this office warfare toy will make your co-workers hate you before your morning coffee break.

But you'll have a blast, and let off some steam as well. I'd call it a draw.


All you need to do is insert some small plastic pellets (included), and hook it up to an open USB port. Then fire at will! I suppose I probably should mention you're not supposed to aim it at living beings or things that could get broken (am I the only one hearing my mother say, "It's all fun and games until someone puts their eye out!"?). Luckily, there is a camera mounted on top of the turret that displays your target on your computer screen, so you can be sure you're aiming in the proper direction.


I can't think of a better way to take a break from endless spreadsheets or lines of code than to take a couple of minutes to shoot BBs at someone else's desk. Sure, you could take a walk around the office or go grab a cup of coffee, but when you're frustrated because a project is at a standstill this will allow you to let off some steam as well. Besides, it just looks cool.

If you'd like to up your office warfare game, you'll have to shell out about $100.00 US. And it appears this comes from a website in Japan, although you might be able to find one elsewhere if you searched. I have to admit, I almost never miss having a desk but I almost wish I still had one. I need a USB Sniper Rifle in my life.

Source: Hi Consumption

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